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5 Reasons Why You Should Reconsider Purchasing AppleCare+

5 Reasons Why You Should Reconsider Purchasing AppleCare+


With cutting-edge technical innovation and minimalistic design, Apple is considered one of the most valuable brands of our time, estimated to be worth more than $1 trillion and growing. The company has unparalleled revenue growth and strong brand loyalty amongst consumers. Thanks to this almost cult-like fan following, consumers inundate Apple stores every time a new product is launched and are willing to pay any amount for their favorite Apple product. Apple, very skillfully, uses this leverage to sell pricey add-on products that further increase the company’s profits.


AppleCare+ is one such add-on that consumers tend to buy with their favorite tablet or iPhone. Not to be confused with AppleCare, which is free of charge limited warranty that comes with the purchase of all Apple products and typically lasts a year. AppleCare+ on the other hand is an additional warranty that you pay to add another year to the standard iPhone or iPad warranty. It is also an accidental damage protection plan by Apple and works a lot like an iPhone or iPad insurance. However, the question arises, is it even worth the money to buy AppleCare+?

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get AppleCare+

  1. AppleCare+ coverage is expensive.
    Like we stated before, AppleCare+ is like an extended warranty that you have to pay for. How much it costs depends on what device you’re using. For example, it costs a whopping $249 for the MacBook and MacBook Air and $269 for the 13-Inch MacBook Pro. That is a lot of money to be paying for coverage that you may never really utilize.  Click here to get a free no-obligation quote for MacBooks, Click here to compare Apple iPhone Insurance, and click here to compare Apple iPad Insurance.

  2. You still need to pay a deductible in case of damage.
    Sure, AppleCare+ is an accidental damage protection plan, but you still need to churn out cash in case you do end up damaging your device. The deductible varies from device to device and depends on the kind of damage done. However, this deductible is less than what you would pay for the repair if you did not have AppleCare+.

  3. You need to pay extra in case of loss or theft.
    Many say that AppleCare+ works a lot like iPhone or iPad insurance ever since they introduced loss or theft coverage to their AppleCare+ for iPhones. Although optional, you need to pay an additional amount on top of regular AppleCare+ to get theft or loss coverage. And that’s not all. You still need to pay significant deductibles to have your device replaced in case of loss or theft.

  4. It only covers up to two accidents.
    After paying all that money, one would expect a lot. Unfortunately, AppleCare+ only covers up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage. Anything more than that and you’re paying full price for repair and replacement. The third time’s definitely NOT the charm in this case.

  5. It is cheaper to repair than to buy AppleCare+.

Unless you’re a total butterfingers and completely negligent of your belongings, you are probably never going to fully take advantage of the benefits of AppleCare+. If you’re not certain you will definitely lose or break your devices in the next few weeks, it would probably be better not to get AppleCare+. In fact, it is actually cheaper to get repairs done in case an incident occurs than to buy AppleCare+ for all of your devices.

It Pays to Shop Around

We tend to shop around for the best price when it comes to products and services, then why not for Apple iPhones, Apple iPads, MacBooks, iMacs, and other electronics insurance? While it is convenient getting AppleCare+ from the same place you buy your device, it will be significantly more costly for you, especially if you are looking for a warranty for a large number of devices. Businesses or schools that use iPads or Chromebooks and need extra coverage on them will find it advantageous to shop around for the best deal on their device insurance. Securranty, for example, has its core expertise in providing Mobile Device insurance including iPhone, iPad, and Chromebook insurance. They provide volume discounts and savings for their customers, along with quality repairs done in very little time. Their state-of-the-art online portal allows for an easy filing of claims and tracking of repairs and requires very little human resources to oversee it. Most importantly, however, iPad insurance by Securranty takes away all of your headaches and risk of repairing and replacing lost or broken devices and gives you peace of mind for a very affordable cost.  

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