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Frequently asked questions

Get answers about Securranty’s school devices coverage. Explore our full list of FAQs

Q: When does coverage begin and how long does it last?

New/Refurbished items, the Plan begins the day you purchased the item and lasts for the number of years you chose at purchase time. If you choose a monthly billing plan, Plan begins the day you purchase the Plan and lasts till you cancel.

Q: Why is my replacement device not the same color as my old device?

When a replacement is ordered, Securranty fulfills the order with the first available device that is the same make, model and GB size. Due to all of the recent phone colors readily available to consumers, Securranty is unable to guarantee the color of the replacement, but will guarantee the device will match in likeness. Our devices are procured in business friendly colors, such as, black, white, gray/silver.

Q: How do we file Manufacturer defect claims?

For items covered by a Manufacturer's warranty, • For certain items like phones & tablets, if we offered to cover your item during Manufacturer’s warranty, we will cover it. Otherwise, • First, we'll locate the manufacturer's contact information to help you file a claim. • If the manufacturer replaces or repairs your item, we'll cover the repaired or replaced item. • If the manufacturer refuses to honor their warranty because they consider your item purchased from an unauthorized retailer, we'll still cover you. For our Enterprise customers we do cover manufacturer’s warranty defect claims during the manufacturer warranty period. Unlike other providers, we do not ask you to go to the manufacturer.

Q: When and how do I pay deductible?

If there is a deductible applicable to your plan, deductibles are charged at the time the claim has been approved. The deductible will is charged to your account based on your billing profile.

Q: How will deductibles be paid for each claim?

Deductibles are charged at the time the claim is approved, are invoiced via the payment method for your account and the terms are based on your individual company SLA.

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