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DeviceCorporate Liable or BYOD?

Want to minimize employee downtime?We understand the importance of a productive workforce with minimal downtime when an employee’s device fails, breaks, is lost or stolen. Let us customize & deliver a solution for your organizations company or employee owned devices to ensure a laser focused workforce for sales and customer service.

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Money Cost Vs. Benefit?

Evaluating Cost Vs benefit? The traditional mobile device insurance offered by wireless carriers come with deductible of up to $200 or more and limit the number of claims. Our solution for large enterprise deployments is offered at $0 deductible with unlimited repairs and replacement claims for a low monthly fee.

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Smartphone Same Day or Instant Replacement?

To ensure a productive enterprise workforce, we customize a repair & replacement options that includes staging spare inventory for instant replacement, Onsite Tech Dispatch, Advanced Exchange or even Depot service for even a lower cost. Let us customize a solution for your New, Used or Refurbished Apple iPhones, iPads, MacBook’s, Smartphones, Tablets or other rugged handhelds, tablets and laptops.

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Manage and track every asset claim in real-time 24 x7, file a claim in about 2 minutes, track every asset by division, cost center, asset tag ID and more. Utilize our online platform or our enterprise level APIs for real-time integration. Our cloud based proprietary technology, built for enterprise, delivers real-time access, visibility, reports and more to your IT staff, based on user roles.
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Get A Quote instantly! Get a quote with quantity discount instantly for New, Used or Refurbished iPhones & Smartphones, iPads & Tablets, MacBook’s & Laptops, Hotspots, Routers, Rugged devices including Handhelds, Tablets & Laptops and other business equipment.

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Want It Customized?

Request A Customized Proposal? Are you an Enterprise customer with a large deployment that includes various devices types, manufacturers, OS and more? Let us customize a proposal, typically within 1 business day, with quantity discounts, service options and more to meet your organizations requirements.

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Want to speak with our sales team? Want to learn how we have customized solutions for large enterprise deployments? Let us share some of our success stores on how we partner with your MDM service providers for a seamless integration of service and support.

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Want to simplify the complex for a productive workforce without the high costs & deductibles of traditional cell phone and tablet insurance from wireless carriers? Join list of clients that include 100’s of small businesses to large fortune 500 companies that love the option to customize protection plans with coverage options, service level, deductible as low as $0. Experience best-in-class service leveraging our proprietary technology and our 10 years of experience delivering mobile device warranty & insurance.

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Get a quote with quantity discounts for New, Used or Refurbished Apple iPhones, Smartphones, Apple iPads, Tablets, Apple MacBook’s & Laptops including Rugged handhelds & computers. Compare our pricing for business & enterprise with other warranty providers and wireless carriers including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile & Sprint for savings of up to 40%.
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Mechanical Breakdown (Extended Warranty)
Motherboard Failure Wi-Fi Failure Hard drive Failure A.C Adapter
Display Failure Battery Failure Won't Charge Won't Power On Port Failures
Accidental Damage Protection
Cracked Screen Internal Damage Missing or Broken Keys
Liquid Spill Full Immersior A.C Adapter
Theft & Standard Perils
Power Surge Burglary Theft Flood
Vandalism Mischief Stolen Fire
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