Insurance Purchase by Students & Staff Option for School IT Staff or Parents to Manage Policies and Claims

K-12 Schools Technology Device Insurance Coverage for Google Chromebooks, Apple iPads, MacBook’s, Microsoft Surface & Windows Laptops

Step 1

Securranty creates a landing page with a unique URL. If you prefer, we can create separate landing pages for Elementary, Middle or High School. We can even have all different devices on one landing page or create separate unique pages. You simply inform us of your preference!

Step 2

We provide a 1-Page PDF instructional document with link to the school’s landing page, details of what is covered, cost of coverage and additional informational videos for student and parents including contact information for 24 X 7 support in English and Spanish.

Step 3

The school IT Director or Staff reviews the landing page and informational document for approval.

Step 4

Share the instructional PDF document with parents when issuing devices and post on the schools website along with the unique URL. This will allow the parents to simply click on the URL to be redirected to your school’s landing page on Securranty’s website.

Step 5

Parents make an online purchase of student device insurance and provide name of their child and device information such as Asset Tag ID, serial number and/or School Name. An account is instantly created for parents to view and manage insurance policy.

Step 6

School IT Director and staff also have a separate online account with complete access to view and manage student policies, claims, and the ability to update device information, if incorrectly input at time of purchase by parents.


Securranty’s proprietary technology, built for enterprise, allows IT director and staff to customize the optional insurance purchase and claims management to align with the school district’s internal process.

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