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Tablets Extended Warranty & Accidental Damage Insurance starting at $0.13/Month for all Android brands & models including Samsung, Dell, HP, Asus, Surface, Acer & more. For bulk purchase discount, Select Business or Education above to Get A Quote I

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We value our all our customers, including SMB customers. We have created the Essential program for our SMB customers with competitive pricing & benefits. Please visit our pricing page for details. You will receive some of the same benefits as the enterprise customer. However, the enterprise customer receives discounted pricing and services due to the requirements of a large deployment.
Securranty has created an industry first unique solution for enterprise customers called Mobile Hardware Management. The solution simplifies mobility management, post deployment, with a fully integrated warranty solution. To learn more Contact Us to schedule a 30 minute call. Let us show you why many fortune 500 companies count on Securranty to manage mobility!
Securranty currently offers the program in U.S. and Canada and in certain countries internationally in conjunction with our partners. Please contact us for details and your requirements.
With AppleCare+ you pay $129 for 2 years. You are allowed 2 claims over a 2 year period. There’s a deductible of $99 and AppleCare+ does not cover Lost & Theft. Comparatively, Enterprise customers with Securranty pay a low monthly per device with Zero Deductibles, unlimited claims that covers failure, Damage, Lost & Theft or Enterprise customers can choose The Essential Plan for even a lower monthly fee without Lost & Theft.
Please click on the Contact Us option and choose the option to call us, email us or book a meeting with one of our team members. Thank you for your consideration.
Securranty’s program is backed by an A.M. Best rated “A Excellent” Insurer with $22 Billion in assets for compliance and guarantee within the U.S. and internationally.
On the pricing page you can simply sign up to open an account. Once you have opened the account you can purchase coverage for devices individually or in bulk. If you require assistance please do not hesitate to contact us and we can walk you through the entire process. Enterprise customer? Contact Us for our enterprise exclusive offering & pricing, including custom service level agreements to meet industry and regulatory requirements.
We do offer technical support to all our customers at no extra charge. Enterprise customers have the option for Level 2 and Level 3 support.
When we receive a valid claim on a Device that has reached its End-of-Life and end of Life Cycle, we will replace the claim Device with a new or refurbished device of the same brand and of a similar model, or next generation of that model, that meets or exceeds the functionality of the claim Device. Example, iPhone 5 32GB would be replaced with next generation model of iPhone 5S 32GB