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The Best Aftermarket Apple iPhone Insurance Plan (Yep...That’s right. The BEST)

The Best Aftermarket Apple iPhone Insurance Plan (Yep...That’s right. The BEST)


Apple does it again and the tech world has literally gone mad. With the launch of its iPhone 13 models, it is no surprise that Apple had to brag a bit with their latest release.  As always, the phones with new features and functionality for iPhone lovers.

Remember when Apple finally made the switch to OLED displays. Although Apple is always a little late introducing the latest technology like their competitors, it is great news for those that wait for it on an iPhone. I am sure videographers, photographers, and creative ones on YouTube are ready to get excited about the new features of the latest iPhone 13 model.

If all you do is browse the web, check emails and Facebook, you are most likely not going to get excited about the latest features and you probably upgrade when your phone when have to; however, there are those that just can't wait to stand in a line the night before the new iPhone 13 is released. However, with the change to 5G and other new latest features introduced with the iPhone 13, you may want to consider upgrading your iPhone.  

Few important questions you should ask for yourself:

§  I am covered for loss and theft?

§  How much is my deductible if something happens?

§  If I decide to cancel my warranty, what is my penalty?

§  Am I covered for liquid damage? Both spills and immersion?

§  How will I be charged? One time or can I break it up into monthly payments? 

§  Will your replacement phone be the same model as your current phone?

§  Am I guaranteed to get a replacement by a certain time?

§  How many claim replacements am I allowed?

With this new release of the iPhone 13 models, there is no surprise that companies are fighting for your business to protect your latest and greatest iPhone. One thing for sure is that you have many iPhone insurance coverage options available to you; you just have to decipher which plan will be ideal for your custom needs. Participating phone carriers have already announced their coverage for the iPhone 13 models such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, Clear, Clear Wire, and Metro PCS.

For example, Verizon’s Extended Limited Warranty* does not cover liquid damage or batteries, but these areas are covered under Securranty’s wireless phone protection, who is a long-time official Verizon partner. (If you choose Verizon’s Extended Warranty but not the Securranty iPhone Protection Plan, be sure to familiarize yourself with the differences.)

For many, price is the most important factor in choosing a cell phone insurance program. The upfront price you see may be great but you have to keep in mind the deductible cost if something were to actually happen to your device. Usually, a “cheaper” monthly fee will most likely result in a higher deductible. Also, take into consideration state laws and how they may vary in the plan terms and conditions.  

AppleCare and AppleCare+ Program:

Keep in mind that when you purchase your iPhone 13, you will have one year of standard manufacturer warranty and 90 days (from the original purchase date) for phone support, otherwise expect to pay $30 per call to Apple). You cannot decide to buy AppleCare+ after your standard year has ended and you must purchase it within 60 days of purchasing the phone.  Apple Care program for loss and theft has a high deductible and some conditions apply.

If you chose to be brave and have absolutely no  iPhone warranty, replacing a cracked screen would cost $149 - $349 depending on the model. If you have a habit of breaking your screen, then having the warranty or insurance will provide peace of mind and protect your wallet and your fingers from having to use a cracked screen phone.  

Are you ready to get a free quote from the best cell phone insurance provider?  Click here and get a free quote in 2 minutes and have peace of mind that your new iPhone 13 model is insured.