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Another BETTER option for iPhone Protection Plan and no…it’s not Apple Care

Another BETTER option for iPhone Protection Plan and no…it’s not Apple Care

When we crack our iPhone screen, a little part of us cries on the inside.

It makes us even more upset when our smart iPhones stop being so smart now that they are cracked or damaged. The screen starts becoming unresponsive, or it wants to transform into a screen of rainbows or even better …not turn on at all. So, when this happens, we want to find the best solution to get our iPhone smart again and go back to our lives.

This post is written to make you pick the most reliable iPhone warranty and protection plans so that your device remains protected even after the most severe drops, spills, or cracks. Now, let’s go ahead and dive into the details.

It is all about picking the best iPhone warranty plans.

Go with a smart insurance provider.

Securranty is the best insurance provider for iPhones in the market today.  For instance, if your iPhone has a broken screen or if you dropped the phone in water, Securranty has been trusted time and time again to stand by your side. Customers are taking notice that Securranty has more of an advantage than Apple’s Genius Bar technical support and phone carrier insurance policies.  

Process any claim 24×7

What’s the point of a warranty if you can’t use it when you need it the most? That’s exactly the right question. You should be able to have a protection plan for your iPhone that you can use anywhere and anytime you want. Filing a claim should be simple, not a hassle or inconvenience commuting some far distance to get it taken care of. It’s crucial to have an insurance provider like Securranty, that will offer protection that features awesome 24×7 claim-processing and simple device tracking tools. And just to make sure you stay up to date with your phone, Securranty will ensure you receive consistent email notifications related to tracking and shipping.

Same-day repair services

When choosing an insurance or accidental damage protection plan for your business iPhones & Smartphones or iPads or Tablets, then Securranty is going to be the best choice. Securranty leads the industry by providing same-day replacements & repairs service including allowing a customer to have the device repaired at any local repair store including Apple Genius Bar.  Same-day repair services are available for Laptops, Chromebooks & MacBooks in most locations including local repair store options offered in most cases.

Get unlimited claims

That’s right. You heard that correctly. Securranty provides unlimited claims when you purchase insurance plans vs. Protection Plans.  Insurance Plans for iPhones, iPad, Tablets, Laptops, MacBooks, Chromebooks provide for an unlimited number of claims for repairs and replacements.  Protection Plans limit the number of claims you can file to the value of the coverage amount.  There are pros and cons to both options.

If you are SMB or Enterprise shopping for mobile device insurance for company-owned or employee-owned (BYOD) devices such as laptops, Chromebooks, iPhones, Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, or MacBook’s, visit Securranty for an Instant Quote and discount for bulk purchase including a customized enrollment and claims service solution for your organization.

For K-12 schools, colleges, and universities shopping for accidental damage protection or lost & theft coverage for student-owned or school-owned devices, please visit us for discounted pricing for group insurance policy purchases as well as customized claims and service options.