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Are you frustrated with hassles of self-insuring & self-repairing student issued iPads & Chromebooks for the 1:1 Initiative?

Are you frustrated with hassles of self-insuring & self-repairing student issued iPads & Chromebooks for the 1:1 Initiative?


Student issued devices live a hard life. The smallest drops, cracks, and spills not only cause havoc to your school district’s technology budget, but they also cause major downtime inside the classroom and strain your IT department by converting them to a repair facility or parts procurement center.

With the already stressing demands of meeting State required mandates, who has time to source extra screens for your student issued Lenovo Chromebooks? Or time to attempt to replace the keyboard on a student’s Dell Chromebook only to find out when you pull the keyboard off, the entire bottom half of the unit comes with it? Let’s face it, your IT staff is prepared to troubleshoot software issues, networking glitches and handle large scale deployments; most teams do not have the capacity to provide Chromebook repairs as well.

On average, when a student brings in a broken device the turnaround time to get the device back into the student’s hands is over a week. This may not seem like a long period of time if a loaner device is being issued, but who then absorbs the risk of the student possibly damaging the loaner device as well? The vicious cycle continues until your staff is stranded with a plethora of broken iPads and/or Chromebooks and the next student who comes in complaining their screen is distorted is somehow abolished from their technology for an even longer period of time due to the backlog of repairs sitting in the corner of your office.

Thankfully, with Securranty’s Accidental Damage Protection Plans and K-12 Student Device Insurance Programs, we can help to alleviate this pain. Through our one of a kind proprietary technology platform, your staff can go from performing repairs, to simply monitoring the status of a claim filed in an online portal. The condensed version: Log-in, file a claim, ship us the broken device, we repair the device, perform a 65 point QA check, then ship it back to you. If we are unable to repair the device, we will replace it. There is no muss, no fuss and the average turnaround time is 5 days or less. You receive claim updates each step of the way; whether it’s by logging in to view the status, or via auto-triggered system emails. Plus, we keep your budget in check by offering zero deductible programs with unlimited claims.

Securranty has a variety of student device insurance programs available; from school purchased policies to parent purchased policies through a customized URL. Regardless of which party is responsible for purchasing the K-12 device insurance, you and your IT team will have complete visibility into the policies purchased and the claims activity through our online platform. Our technology platform and student device insurance programs are the top of the line because your students deserve nothing less!

And the pile of broken devices you have sitting in the corner of your office? We haven’t forgotten about those… Securranty also offers break-fix coverage options so you can get those Chromebooks or iPads redeployed to your students as well as buy-back options, even if they are broken.

Contact us today for a customized quote and let us take away one of your headaches this school year!