Considering Purchasing iPhone, iPad or Chromebook Accidental Damage Protection Coverage from Distributors or OEM’s?

You have finally negotiated and procured your Chromebooks and/or iPads for the upcoming school year when you are pitched the student device insurance program during the final phase of the purchase process. This purchase adds on seems like a given since student issued devices tend to have a short lifecycle due to the amount of damage they incur during a given school year. However, what you may not know is that you may be paying up to 40% more for the coverage when you purchase through CDW, CDI, SHI, or Apple just to have the convenience of one invoice being issued from a single vendor.

Other items that should be factored in are; what type of coverage are you going to receive? How does the claims process work? How many claims are allowed per policy? Would you rather have parents purchase the student device insurance but your IT department manages the claims? Or do you have the option of parents purchasing coverage and managing their own claims? With all of these variables to consider, sometimes the best choice is to look into other solution providers outside of the hardware procurement vendor available options.

Buying coverage direct could save your budget from incurring $100’s (and sometimes $1,000’s) in extra premium expenses, not to mention give you the ability to customize your plans to best suit your educational facility or school district. Sometimes the headache of having an additional purchase order issued will save you from a school year filled with hassles and frustrations while attempting to manage your repairs and claims.

At Securranty, we can offer customized coverage solutions to meet your needs, along with the ability to filter the purchase and claim process through the school or the parents. If you desire the traditional set up where the school purchases the policies and manages the claims, our online platform gives your staff access to a user-friendly cloud-based portal so you can easily manage and track your claims. If you would like for your parents to purchase coverage but your IT department to manage the claims process, we can do that! If you would like for your parents to manage their own policies and claims, we can accommodate that as well! With our best in a class technology platform, you will still be able to have complete visibility into the parent policies purchased and claims filed.