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Drone Protection

Drone Protection


Drones can travel almost anywhere and everywhere. Drones literally give us the power to see the whole picture. They are able to provide stunning detail of landscape that we don’t have access to see via traditional satellite. They are powerful tools that can be utilized to even save lives by assisting with delivering food or goods, they have cool mapping technology, shoot films, capture the sickest shots from sky high, and they can capture those special moments for people who want their privacy.

It is often that I find myself trying to find more ways to be creative with my drone knowing what other people have done with theirs. I am not trying to be like the idiot that flew his drone over the White House lawn and cause media frenzy or illegally smuggle anything but I am definitely trying to get my money’s worth with this thing, so I came up with a brilliant idea.

So I thought.

Well, I love helping my friends with their YouTube videos and pranks. We often plot amongst each other and brainstorm what we want to do for our next video release. This time around, I was the one who had the winning idea on what we would shoot. Since it was the holiday season, I thought it would be pretty hilarious to fly a mistletoe carrying drone over random strangers’ heads in the mall. Resurfaced memories still bring a smile to my face; people’s reactions were priceless. People were initially caught off guard by the mistletoe hovering above. But when they realized what was going on, they were very happy, repulsed or just plain awkward. Men were paired with very attractive women where it was their lucky day or the women were repulsed by puckering their lips their way. There were young teens were shy and blushing to old couples who wanted to join the fun.

The day was flying by since we were having so much fun but it took a slight turn when the drone stopped functioning properly and it crashed onto the ground. I didn’t think the drone hit the ground too hard; however, the drone decided it was too tired from its hard day at work. It started to vibrate excessively when in flight mode; I tried to do a bit of troubleshooting on my own, however the motor shaft appeared to be bent. Sine I am not certified in repairing drones, I didn’t want to go further and make matters worse by damaging my drone even further.

Thankfully, I remember purchasing a warranty for my drone from Securranty just like I did for my iPhone and my Macbook. Last time, those guys were great at helping me when my iPhone stunt failed me since my waterproof case failed. Securranty took care of me, yet again, saving the day so I can return to my shenanigans. Before you consider purchasing an awesome and expensive drone, please consider a bit more investment in Drone warranty or insurance to protect your investment as well as protect yourself from liability if you end up damaging someone else or their property. And don’t just get a warranty from just any company. The manufacturer warranty lasts only for so long with does not cover accidental damage. The reason why I chose Securranty to insure my devices was due to their realistic coverage options for people like me. My luck is not so lucky so that is why I trust Securranty and their drone certified technical team to help me make sure my favorite YouTube tube fun.


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