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AppleCare+ vs. 3rd Party Insurance: Are You Really Getting the Best Protection?

AppleCare+ vs. 3rd Party Insurance: Are You Really Getting the Best Protection?

3rd Party Extended Warranty & Insurance for devices like iPhones, iPads and MacBook’s may not be available at the point of sale because Apple only offers AppleCare+. But if you’re looking for the most coverage, the greatest number of claims, Apple Genius Bar repair option, and the best price, then it would be wise to shop and compare before you say yes to AppleCare+. 

Let us break it down below:


If you or your organization own a new iPhone, iPad or MacBook or another iOS device, then you are automatically enrolled into a 1-year limited warranty called AppleCare, which Apple offers as a manufacturer to anyone purchasing a New device. AppleCare is Apple’s version of the limited manufacturer warranty similar to the Manufacturer warranty offered by other OEM’s. As nice as that may seem, the limited warranty feature is exactly that--limited. Here's what AppleCare covers:

  • 1-year limited warranty against defects
  • 90 days free technical support by phone

So basically, the standard AppleCare will cover you if your iPad, iPhone, MacBook or other Apple device all of a sudden won't turn on, can't hold a charge, or a button randomly fails within the first year of ownership. 

The basic version of AppleCare however, does not protect against any kind of accidental damage, liquid damage or lost & theft. So, if you drop your Apple device or spill water on it--you’re out of luck if you did not purchase Accidental Damage Protection or Insurance for your iOS devices.


AppleCare+ is an extension of Apple’s basic AppleCare limited 1-year warranty, extending it to two years and also gives you two full years of support over the phone. At the cost of an additional $199 a year (or $9.99 a month for 24 months) for the iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, and iPhone X, the AppleCare+ plan has to be purchased either at of device purchase or within 60 days of purchasing your iPhone, leaving you very little time to weigh your options.

For iPad, AppleCare+ costs an additional $69 (or $3.49 per month for two years) for the 9.7-inch iPad or iPad mini, and $129 (or $5.99 per month for two years) for the iPad Pro and must be purchased within 60 days of purchasing your iPad.  Again, you are limited to only 2 claim incidents during the 2-year period.  So, if you accidentally damage your device the 3rd time, you should be prepared to pay a very hefty fee for an “Out-of-Warranty” repair that can cost upwards of $200 - $300 for an iPad depending on the model.

For MacBook’s, AppleCare+ costs $249 for MacBook and MacBook Air, $269 for 13-inch MacBook Pros and $379 for 15-inch MacBook pros. Applecare+ extends coverage three years from the date you purchase your MacBook and you are allowed only up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, each incident subject to a service fee (deductible) of $99 for screen damage or external enclosure damage, or $299 for other damage, plus applicable sales tax. If you have a 3rd accidental damage incident, then you are on your own and it could cost you as much as the cost of your MacBook.

As expensive AppleCare+ is to purchase and after you factor in the Service fee, the limitation of only 2 incidents over 2 or 3 years depending on if it’s an iPhone, iPad or MacBook, it only makes sense to shop around for the best deal when it comes to accidental damage protection insurance. if you happen to get your iPhone lost or stolen, you’re out of luck! AppleCare+ does not cover for theft or loss unless, of course, you decide to upgrade to AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss.  For iPads & MacBook’s, the option to upgrade for Lost & Theft is not available.  

Enterprise & Education organizations that purchase iPhones, iPads or MacBook’s in 100’s or 1000’s have to consider the initial cost of AppleCare+, the cost of the deductible and not to mention the limitation of 2 incidents over the 2 or 3 years.  Accidental drops, liquid spills, lost & theft over a period of 2 or 3 years with the limitation of only 2 incidents is a serious consideration when purchasing K-12 student device insurance or enterprise mobile device insurance. Enterprise & Education organizations can also enjoy substantial savings from the $0 Service fee/deductible incidents.

AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss

AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss, only for iPhones, is a newer plan from Apple which started being offered at the launch of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and will replace your iPhone if it happens to get lost or stolen. The plan costs $299 a year (or $14.99 a month for 24 months) for the new iPhones and includes everything AppleCare+, but it also offers for a $269 deductible cost to replace a lost or stolen iPhone up to two times. After that, you'll be paying full price for a replacement.

The problem with this plan--aside from how expensive it is--is how stringent the policy is. For instance, take a look at Apple's fine print on qualifying for a replacement under the plan:

"Theft and loss coverage requires you to have to Find My iPhone enabled on your device at the time it is lost or stolen. During the theft or loss claims process, you will be asked to erase your missing device, disable it, and transfer ownership before you can be issued a new device."

Pretty strict, right? For any of these AppleCare+ to be worth it, it would help if there is an Apple Store close to where you live. If there aren’t any nearby, you'll need to mail your iOS device out to get it serviced. 

Securranty’s Accidental Damage Protection Plans for iPhones, iPads and MacBook’s

While you might have a preconceived notion that a 3rd Party Insurance company’s cheap price is because they do not deliver the same quality of coverage, you may want to broaden your perspective. 3rd Party Extended Warranty & Insurance companies like Securranty offer a more affordable & competitive value with their Protection Plans.

For example, while the max that Apple will cover your new iPhone X under AppleCare+ is for 2 years because they expect you to and want you to upgrade your device. Securranty offers a month to month coverage as well as 1, 2- or 3-year coverage options to meet your budget with a low deductible. Most important you are not limited to 2 incidents.

Securranty also understands that customers like having options and that’s why if you sign up for their protection plan and your iPhone or iPad is in need of repair, you can take advantage of multiple ways to get a device repaired or replaced, including Apple Genius Bar.

Securranty also offers the same day repair option by dispatching a technician to your home or office to fix your device.  Securranty also offers mail-in repair with an advanced exchange replacement or mail in repair with free shipping to and from their depot facility with a 1 day turn around after it arrives at their repair facility.

With Securranty’s online account management, you can manage all your policies including filing a claim online 24/7 and track your repair every step of the way.  Securranty also offers an unlimited number of claim incidents when you purchase their insurance plan or up to 4 claims with their accidental damage warranty plan.

The Verdict on AppleCare+ Vs. Securranty

There’s no argument against Apple when it comes to the quality iOS devices they churn out--they are innovative, high-quality and some Apple fans consider them a work of art. But when it comes to warranty or insurance for protecting your Apple devices, it pays to shop around and compare as AppleCare+ may not be the best value.

Whether you live in close proximity to an Apple Store or not, whenever you have an incident with your new MacBook, iPhone or iPad and like the convenience of more options for repair and replacement, then Securranty may be the better value.

Securranty is also a great option to consider when it comes to affordability. You already spent enough for an expensive iOS device, why empty your wallet entirely for device protection or be in a stressful situation when your 2 incidents are up and you are not covered for the 3rd incident with AppleCare+? With Securranty you can save $100’s compared to AppleCare+ especially when you have a 3rd incident and you are covered!

We hope this post was helpful in educating you towards making a more informed decision on getting the right accidental damage warranty for insurance for your iPhone, iPad or MacBook.