How to make your phone battery last longer?


For Apple Users

  1. Check for iOS updates and make sure you are using the latest iOS. Make sure your iPhone is up to date with the latest software. Issues with calls can be with simply not updating your device. Those updates are made to fix glitches that occur. (Settings>General>Software Update).

  2. Avoid extreme temperatures. Temperatures higher than 95 degrees F can irreversibly permanently damage battery capacity. In colder environments , battery life will decrease however once the device performs to its optimum temperature range 62 F-72 F, its performance will return back to normal.

  3. Take off cases when charging to avoid access heat.

  4. Optimize Settings

    1. Dim the display or turn Auto-Brightness to extend battery life (settings> display & brightness

  5. When you use your device to access data, wifi consumes less power so keep your wifi on at all times. (Settings> Wifi to access a wifi network.)

  6. Enable Low Power Mode

  7. Turn off App Background Refresh for applications that are not needed to refresh as often. (settings> general> background app refresh and switch to off)

  8. Location and Background Location you can optimize battery by turning some apps off (settings> privacy> location services)

  9. No cell coverage and low signal. You can optimize your battery life by turning phone on Airplane Mode. You cannot make or receive calls while in Airplane mode

  10. If issue persists, take your device to an Apple Retail Store

For Samsung/Google Users

  1. Find apps draining up your battery (tap Battery> see apps and services using the most battery and get details and change options that can preserve battery)

  2. Force troublesome apps to stop

    1. Settings> Apps> select application> Force Stop> Ok

  3. Uninstall troublesome applications

  4. Check for system updates

  5. Check for App updates

  6. Reset to factory settings

  7. If issue persists, contact authorized service provider.