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Here is How Securranty Transforms the Business of Insuring Mobile Devices for Organizations.

Here is How Securranty Transforms the Business of Insuring Mobile Devices for Organizations.


The people are what make a company’s core, culture, and soul. They are the true foundation that makes a company a success. In our society, the most effective way to make a company’s vision and mission known is by implementing technology to reach the masses. Companies have the power to accelerate their mission and goals by implementing useful technology in their daily operations. It is now necessary for companies to keep a competitive edge against their competitors.  If a company fails to keep up and maintain their technology and gadgets that they use for daily operations, regardless of how great the people are, the company will fall behind. Companies that want to stay ahead know that they can’t afford a delay in their daily operations and they will protect their investment to make sure their performance strives.


CIOs managing large IT deployments choose Securranty when they need a robust, straightforward, seamless solution. They want and need a company that listens and understands their specific needs when it properly taking care of their technology. Securranty prides itself for being a valuable resource for large, very well known companies to take care of their employee and business partnerships. Securranty provides fantastic options for business for their devices such iPads, smart phones, laptops, and other gadgets against drops, spills, cracks, and beyond. This insurance provider has earned credibility because of its experience and expertise in serving different enterprises ranging from local companies to federal and state agencies. With Securranty as your technology insurance partner, you will be able to sidestep the confusing terms and conditions found with other insurance providers.

 These factors set Securranty apart from other insurance providers
  • Here, you get coverage options and pricing structures so that insuring corporate devices is simpler and easier.                          
  • This company has the right processes for simplifying process enrollment, claim management, and device administration.
  • Device tracking and claim management are available with a range of options including onsite repair solutions and same- or next-day depot services.
  • Here, you will find a number of device-replacement options comprising next- or same-day exchange.
  • Apart from device management, replacement, and tracking, the company provides insights and data enabling accurate financial budgeting and planning.
 FAQs on how Securranty simplifies the business of insuring corporate gadgets

Will my employee’s devices replaced or repaired the same day?

At Securranty, we understand how much your business productivity may suffer even if one device breaks down. That is why we ensure you get Instant replacements with our spare pool of inventory provided to you or same-day repair services for your corporate electronics. For instance, we will dispatch a technician to the job site, home or office or you have a local repair option for same-day repair at your closest Apple store or any repair store of your choice. Apart from same-day repair services, we even have overnight advanced exchange solutions and onsite repairing plans so that a defective device never disrupts business workflows.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes, there are. For example, if you buy our Securranty iPad warranty for business and different device-protection plans in bulk, you get huge cost savings. Apart from our discounts, we offer the best pricing and billing options for a number of BYOD environments or Corporate Liable environments.

Our company is global. Will we have coverage worldwide? Most insurance companies restrict by countries.             

As a true leader in the insurance market, we have a range of device-protection plans and insurances that cover not only throughout the US but also across the world. So if your electronics are covered by our protection plans or warranties, they are truly worldwide.

Is there a limit to the number of claims we can file?

Thanks to our Insurance for Smart Phones & Tablets and its Extended Warranty Service Contract, you can literally file unlimited claims! Yes, you read that perfectly right. With other insurance companies, the maximum number of claims that could be filed is restricted to two. However, we have no such restrictions to the number of times your business can file a claim.

The insurance company we worked with had complicated and inefficient process. How is the claim process with Securranty?  

With us, claim processing here is simple to follow. That is why leading brands rely on us; they do not have time to waste trying to figure out a complicated system. You can file a claim 24 × 7 online. You can log on with your account details, or you can even file a claim through a simple call. The quick, streamlined management process and other administration tasks are possible with the help of Securranty’s proprietary tech platform, MAGIC. After you have filed a claim, you will be informed via emails every step of the way. You can even track and manage your claims in real time.

Can employees get their own insurance plans and track claim processes individually?

Yes! We can create a specific branded webpage for your company; the URL of that page will be shared with all your employees so that they can pay for insurances and warranty policies for their smart phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices individually, easily, and quickly.


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