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Securranty Offers Budget-Friendly Device Insurance Options for Educational Institutions

Securranty Offers Budget-Friendly Device Insurance Options for Educational Institutions


HOUSTON, TX (July 16, 2020) – In the continuing world of COVID-19, educational institutions have to make decisions about how to proceed with this fast-approaching 2020-2021 school year. Many are preparing for the chance that students will need to learn virtually due to health and safety concerns and purchasing bulk laptops or tablets to enable distance learning. With this great purchase comes great responsibility, and providing a MacBook or Chromebook to a K-12 student is not risk-free.

Securranty allows schools the opportunity to provide customized insurance on all their devices with proposals that match their budgeting needs. From basic insurance that covers mechanical malfunctions, battery and display failure, and power surges to extensive protection plans that include cracked screens, liquid spills, loss, and theft, Securranty gives schools the power to control their coverage while keeping the bottom line in mind.

“Schools need to keep in mind that extra expenses can add up. Securranty offers them the option to choose who pays for the coverage: the school or the student responsible for the device,” said Sadiq Dosani, Securranty, Inc. CEO. “This flexible payment option ensures that devices are protected from accidents while staying in budget. Securranty also offers discounts for bulk purchases.” If a school decides to require students to purchase their own insurance, Securranty creates a landing page specifically for that school and provides instructions and additional information for the school IT director to approve. Once the coverage is approved, the school can provide parents instructions on how to purchase the student’s device insurance. Each student will have an account created for them at the time of purchase for parents to view and manage the insurance. The school will also have special access to view and manage student policies, claims, and device information to ensure accuracy and complete visibility.

With $0 deductibles, same-day repairs, and hassle-free claims, schools have increased productivity that fits their budget needs. Schools also have the option of self-service repairs if a trained professional is on-site. Securranty is the only company that covers incidents like missing or broken keys, battery failure, and A.C. adapter issues with no claims limit, allowing you to be confident in your coverage. Accidents happen. Securranty offers Educational Institutions, Businesses, and Partners peace of mind with its various options for protection plans, additional warranties, and insurance on all brands and models of laptops, phones, and tablets including but not limited to MacBook, Chromebook, iPhone, Samsung, Microsoft Surface, iPad, and more. To learn more about how to file a claim, Onsite Tech Dispatch, Same Day Repair, and more, please visit our website or Contact Us.

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