Series 4 44mm Aluminum (GPS Only) Warranty & Insurance Plans

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Series 4 44mm Aluminum (GPS Only) Warranty & Insurance Plans. New Apple iWatch Extended Warranty Plans 2 Year Plan Covers Ext. Warranty + Accidental Damage for Apple iWatch Insurance Price range between 301 - 400 Pay In Full
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Accidental Damage Protection Plans, Extended Warranty (Mechanical Malfunction), and Theft coverage is available for Apple iWatch models, purchased in the past 30 days.
Yes, Used or refurbished Apple iWatch purchased from eBay, Amazon or other online stores within the past 30 days are eligible. However, iWatch purchased from individuals from online sites such as Craigslist or private sale are not eligible for coverage.
With Securranty, get unlimited peace of mind with unlimited incidents coverage. Securranty offers the best Apple iWatch insurance compared to AppleCare+ and wireless carriers including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Save up to 40% or more and get unlimited incidents coverage. If we can’t repair it, we replace it or reimburse you for the item's replacement cost.
Yes, typically a deductible applies when you file a claim, as low as $25. You can view the deductible when purchasing the plan and after completing the purchase in your account.
AppleCare+ costs more have a higher deductible, and only allows up to two claims over two years. Securranty costs less, provides unlimited claims, a lower deductible, and you can even get your iWatch repaired at Apple Genius Bar when you purchase iWatch insurance from Securranty instead of AppleCare+.
Once your claim is approved, you can get your iWatch repaired at Apple Genius Bar, the Local Store of your choice, or ship to our repair facility with the pre-paid shipping label with a 5-day turnaround. Watch our YouTube videos to learn more about our repair and replacement options. If we can’t repair it, we replace it or reimburse you for the item's replacement cost.
Mechanical Malfunction covers failures such as Touch Screen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, No Power, and other internal device failures.
Accidental Damage covers Cracked Screen, Liquid Spills, Full Immersion, and other accidents such as dropped in a pool, chewed by a dog, and more.
Yes, option to Pay Monthly is available when insurance purchase is for a Brand-New iWatch purchased in Past 30 Days or if transferring insurance from another insurance provider to Securranty. Pay Monthly option may not be available for Used or Refurbished devices.
If you Pay in Full instead of paying monthly, you will typically save up to 30%. When you Pay in Full, you are pre-paying for the policy with one payment, regardless of the number of years of coverage purchased. With Pay Monthly option, enjoy the benefits of low monthly payments.
Coverage is effective immediately when insurance is purchased for Apple iPhones previously insured with wireless carriers, and for Brand New Apple iPhones. For previously used iPhones coverage is effective immediately, subject to the approval of your proof of purchase.

Once insurance purchase is completed from Securranty, an automated email with instructions will be sent with instructions to log in to your account, update your policy with Model Name, IMEI/Serial Number, and you can upload your receipt or email it to us at

If purchasing insurance for Brand New iWatch, you will need a copy of receipt of purchase for the item from the online or other stores from where purchased. If transferring coverage for devices insured thru wireless carriers or other insurance provider, proof of insurance coverage such as copy of cell phone bill is required. For previously Used iWatch purchased from online stores, provide a complete copy of the receipt received via email.

Yes, Securranty has customized programs, claims processes, and pricing including a $0 to a low $49 deductible for Business & Enterprise customers, K-12 Schools, Colleges & Universities, and Distributor and Reseller Partners.
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