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Frequently asked questions

Get answers about Securranty’s school devices coverage. Explore our full list of FAQs

Q: Can I purchase insurance before the device is issued to the student/staff?

Insurance may be purchased before or after device is issued to the student/staff as long as It is you purchase insurance before any failure, damage, or loss to the device.

Q: Will I receive a confirmation and receipt after completing insurance purchase?

After completing the purchase, an automated email is sent to the email address provided, confirming purchase-including details of the policy purchased.  The email will also include instructions to set up an account password. You may log in to the account to view details of the policy purchased. Sometimes, these emails may get caught in the spam or junk folder. If you didn’t receive the email, reset your password by clicking on forgot password on the login page.

Q: Do I need to provide receipt/proof of purchase of device issued to my student/staff?

Proof of purchase or receipt for purchase of device issued to your student/staff is not required to purchase insurance because the device was purchased by the school and issued to your student/staff.  As a parent/staff, the school or district only requires parents/staff to purchase and pay for insurance, and thereafter, the IT department staff manages the policy updates and claims process.

Q: What does the insurance policy cover?

Based on your coverage plan, the policy will cover the below losses.

Extended Warranty covers mechanical hardware failures such as Touch Screen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, No Power, Hard Drive failure, and other internal failures of a device.

Accidental Damage plan covers Cracked Screen, Liquid Spills, Full Immersion, dropped in the pool, chewed by a dog, and other accidental damages from handling.

Theft/Stolen/Burglary covers a device that is stolen when stolen from a secured and locked car, home, or locker etc.  It does not cover devices left unattended in a class or other places. Additionally, the incident must be reported to law enforcement authorities immediately.

Lost coverage covers a device that is misplaced and cannot be located after a thorough search.

Flood, Fire and Vandalism covers damage to a device resulting from flooding, fire or vandalism by someone other than the user of device.

Q: Additional discounts available when insurance is purchased for multiple student devices?

The school district has already negotiated a bulk purchase discount on behalf of all parents and thus we are unable to offer additional discounts. Coupon codes are not valid against these purchases.

Q: Can I cancel Policy for a refund If my student transfers to a new school district?

Yes, you may cancel your policy for a refund. If you cancel within the first 30 days, you will receive a 100% refund, if no claims were filed and approved. After 30 days refund is pro-rated, less any claims paid.

Q: I need help with purchasing insurance. Can I get assistance?

Yes, please call us at and we will be glad to assist with the purchase of insurance and we have staff that can assist in English, Spanish and other languages.

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