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Good customer service

The site is a bit difficult for those who don't realize they require a copy/paste...I think? I did purchase after speaking with a good rep. I did not realize, I would not be able Read More...

SmilingCricket-4704 6/15/2021 5:48:23 PM

Nice and easy

Can't fault the price and ease of application for insurance.

Jay-30274 6/15/2021 12:06:23 PM

Worth the price for peace of mind Recently I lost my MacBook and my iPhone and although I wasn’t too keen on getting only refurbished value when the items were replaced I was very Read More...

Whtwiz 6/7/2021 3:46:40 AM

Quick, reliable iPhone coverage

Many options for iPhone coverage and Securranty seemed to beat them all.

bobrix 6/2/2021 7:32:29 AM

system was very simple to add information and submit a claim.

ComfortableElephant-89565 5/26/2021 5:20:24 PM

I love your site been using it for years

ToughMongoose-39167 5/19/2021 9:13:46 AM

Good Experience

The Paypal option did not work after multiple tries

Tonyo711 5/17/2021 1:51:21 PM

Great company. Excellent cost per s...

Our school's been using Securranty for almost a year, and all I have is good things to say. They are quick, responsive, and all in all a terrific company.

WildHummingbird-76838 5/17/2021 12:28:54 PM

Great listener

Great job! They are great listeners

PoisedEarthworm-97375 5/13/2021 2:34:26 PM

Ipad Warranty

It was very easy to purchase

ClearShark-84258 5/11/2021 8:00:45 PM

Kids it's for the kids

Had too kids are accidents waiting to happen.

WildTiger-45396 5/11/2021 10:41:34 AM

Not yet used

The price is right but I haven't had to use the service.

FunnyToucan-62287 5/6/2021 6:57:18 PM

Very pleased

Great price for the quality of service

DistinctHyena-41648 5/5/2021 4:19:24 PM

Easy to use

I filed a claim for the first time and it was very user friendly and I felt reassured that I would be taken care of.

roomusicofc 5/3/2021 10:45:39 PM

Found Great Coverage

Had trouble with other insurance and looking to stay as a permanent customer

WhiteTiger-98240 4/25/2021 2:52:39 PM

no need it is easy except I can never find my unit on the first try

Alwirick.org 4/22/2021 9:42:19 AM

Great warranty program for schools

A very nice online portal.

lebcomputers 4/20/2021 1:04:39 PM

User friendly and easy well see if indeed to use it

LuckyHawk-41848 4/19/2021 12:10:02 AM

applications and quote process is a bit clunky but so far best price for value.

ElatedEarthworm-72459 4/4/2021 1:52:59 AM

Governor Justice Rips Parents Off

The Governor Justice was supposed to make sure students had Chromebooks and hot spots to keep up with their homework, but it has been almost a year and we are just now getting the Read More...

AnxiousDinosaur-96353 3/24/2021 10:16:58 PM

Just insured my Xbox

Got a great deal on insurance

HilariousJackal-65176 3/23/2021 2:33:35 PM


It was really easy to get the policy.

EagerCrane-47184 3/22/2021 7:12:00 PM

Just in Time

I went on line right after I got my tablet, to get a warranty. My last tablet was broken because of being dropped, unfortunately I had no warranty. Lesson Learned. I immediately bo Read More...

SillyDeer-679 3/12/2021 5:01:11 PM

Was very easy to sign up and have the lowest rate of all the other plans I checked. Quick and simple process. I hope I never have to make a claim but if I do I hope it will be is q Read More...

DizzyBear-11340 3/9/2021 8:33:55 AM

Square Trade is my Warranty Go-To

Whenever I buy expensive electronics online, ESPECIALLY when purchasing from an auction site like eBay, I always stop by Square Trade to pick up a warranty for the item, usually b Read More...

CarefulChinchilla-47578 3/8/2021 12:45:42 PM

Easy peasy

Was very simple to order warranty

AdventurousStingray-3996 3/4/2021 10:23:38 PM

Not clear enough

Don't know who will repair devices if damaged, stolen or screen cracked.

BusyPorcupine-2487 2/27/2021 12:14:01 AM


I had to file claims for several machines and once the initial process was completed the others went very smoothly.

BrainyMacaw-31200 2/25/2021 10:17:02 AM

it was easy to do it and not to hard to understand either.

TalentedAlpaca-78686 2/25/2021 9:40:40 AM

Apple iPad Insurance

Looks like a good value. Time will tell.

Debbietaggart 2/19/2021 12:58:50 PM