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Very nice service so far.

CuriousAntelope-50295 9/16/2021 7:26:49 PM

Easy to navigate information.

PuzzledQuail-71698 9/15/2021 10:31:50 AM

Easy. Fast and convenient

ExuberantWolf-68801 9/15/2021 9:42:42 AM

Very simple to use. Would recommend to anyone

HelpfulLion-90593 9/14/2021 7:50:21 PM


I am tired of filling out forms. This is the easiest and fastest I've done so far. Awesome!!!

STorres-45590 9/14/2021 3:10:09 PM

Easy Peasy

It was very easy and fast to complete.

CleverWoodchuck-36813 9/13/2021 6:50:54 PM

Waiting where to put child info

TameLion-67620 9/13/2021 11:51:18 AM

Excellent experience this software

SpotlessCrane-84435 9/13/2021 7:01:33 AM

filled in for one coverage and somehow got changed to 10 was able to fix without being charged

PowerfulCaterpillar-44052 9/12/2021 4:05:58 PM

Great for careless child

Good warranty for a careless child, but more money than I wanted to spend.

MistyCondor-80983 9/11/2021 6:03:46 PM

Bargain Security

Fair price for peace of mind security.

Das405 9/11/2021 1:56:23 PM

good experience eassy cheap

ShySparrow-48065 9/11/2021 10:59:08 AM


The program is very easy to navigate

ToughMinnow-59761 9/10/2021 3:31:42 PM

New to the Service

Our school system contracted Securranty.com to handle the insurance for students' Chromebooks. I assume the service will be good if, heaven forbid, we need to utilize it. My only c Read More...

EditMary 9/10/2021 8:12:47 AM

easy to navigate and seems to be a good deal.

PuzzledHorse-35123 9/9/2021 9:34:39 PM

Very simple and good. User friendly

PuzzledBear-85647 9/9/2021 5:48:15 PM

Fast way to complete order

CuriousParrot-51355 9/9/2021 1:33:08 PM

Nope thanks. I'm busy I can't

Daniel.benitez 9/9/2021 1:31:01 PM

muy rapido y seguro

facil de llenar con bastantes variedades en opciones en cuanto a presios

LongPython-38834 9/9/2021 10:26:24 AM

Great service

Great service for school/student

Jjjr3 9/9/2021 10:05:45 AM


fácil y sencillo......

FriendlyHedgehog-55108 9/8/2021 7:33:19 PM

No issues. Easy to make a payment.

Kuki-90802 9/8/2021 6:32:59 PM

Great Price!

This is a great option to provide protection of a device!

FantasticTiger-46192 9/8/2021 9:32:05 AM

Easy and quick

It was simple and easy to purchase insurance for my kids' school equipment

CleanBison-98719 9/8/2021 6:29:21 AM

The experience it is good

FineJaguar-17550 9/7/2021 9:34:48 PM

So easy to use. So user friendly

PuzzledNighthawk-75375 9/7/2021 4:55:54 PM

It’s very helpful to have a not expensive insurance for the school laptops. Thank you

BusyAmphibian-43493 9/7/2021 2:47:59 PM


About what we expected, thank you.

TerranceBoofer 9/7/2021 12:39:27 PM


Easy to purchase, no problems

HealthyHedgehog-17912 9/7/2021 5:45:12 AM

Easy website to follow

AdventurousLadybug-62963 9/6/2021 9:03:22 PM