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$18 1-Year Acer Chromebook Insurance for all model for New, Used and Recertified Chromebooks. Insurance Plan Covers Malfunction, Cracked Screens, Theft, lost and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Securranty has simplified the entire process of insurance purchase by Parents/students utilizing our proprietary technology platform. Your schools IT administrators and staff will have complete access to view all policies purchased by students, choose whether school or parents will file claims, view and track claims in real-time, update policies with device information assigned to students. The school is under no obligation to purchase a minimum quantity of policies.. Here is how it works. 1. Get a quote & select Parents/Students will pay for insurance. 2. Your quote is saved in your account for you when you are ready to create.  3. Our system will allow you to customize the information you would like parents/students to provide when purchasing insurance such as Student name, School name, serial number and more. 4. You will also designate whether you would like parents/students to file a claim or you prefer to have the students bring the device to the IT department and your team will file a claim. 5. Our system will instantly provide you with a URL and a PDF flyer that you can post on your school’s intranet and share with parents when issuing device or prior to issuing device. 6. Once the students start purchasing insurance, you will see every policy purchased by a parent/student in your account organization’s account as well instantly. 7. Parents/students will also have an account on our system of their policy purchase and can file their own claim if you wish for them to do so.
Yes! Please call us during business hours and one of our team members will gladly assist you with purchasing a policy over the phone.
Please log into your account, select “Policies” then select the policy you wish to update. Enter your device information in the blank spaces. Please save your input to ensure the policy is updated.
This may occur if the cost of your device is higher than this policy coverage limit. Please be sure you have selected the correct coverage limit. If you require assistance, please call us during business hours at 832-304-2015 or email us at We apologize for any inconvenience.
A. K-12, Private schools, College & University IT administrators choose Securranty because: Securranty provides you the option to purchase student device insurance coverage you require and at a price that makes financial sense. More importantly, we provide claims & service level options not offered by other providers. Our proprietary technology allows IT administrator with real-time visibility and reports of all enrollments & claims. Ease of enrollment when parents are responsible to purchase insurance. Schools Administrators benefit from the real-time access to all enrollment and claims activity & reports, in real-time, at their fingertips. Claims management & tracking is available to parents and school Administrators in real-time. IT Administrators have the option to manage the claims process even though the students/parents purchase and pay for iPad or Chromebook Insurance. Claims repair and service options include. (1) technician dispatched onsite for pick up or repair (2) same day local repair option, (3) Apple Genius Bar (4) Depot service with 5 Day Guarantee (5) Advance Exchange Replacement Next Day (6) Repair performed by school for which we provide Parts or Reimbursement (7) Check reimbursement for School to purchase their own replacement
Currently, we only provide coverage for devices purchased within the U.S.
Our protection plan does not replace the manufacturer’s warranty but provides certain additional benefits during the term of the manufacturer’s warranty.
Absolutely! We offer discounts based on the number of policies purchased. Whether you are purchasing a group policy paid for by the school or a group policy that will be individually purchased by each student/parent, we assure you will receive the best pricing, program, and solution. Simply click on Get a Quote!
Securranty provides many claims & repair options for a customized solution utilizing our proprietary technology platform and best in class repair service. You can choose one or more repair options when filing a claim. Depot Service, after you file a claim and it is approved, our system will instantly email you a shipping label for you to box and ship your device(s). We will repair or replace your device within 5 business days. You can track your claim every step of the way including when it is in transit via UPS, FedEx or USPS. Onsite Technician Dispatch, after you file a claim and it is approved, we will dispatch a technician to your home or organization to have device repaired onsite or the technician will pick up the device deliver the next day after it is repaired. This service is available for most electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, servers, televisions, appliances & furniture. K-12 Schools or organizations may find this service particularly convenient when you purchase a large number of policies. With this option the device is repaired same day or next day in many cases. Authorized Repair Centers, after you file a claim and it is approved, you will be directed to one of our authorized repair facilities in close proximity to your location. We will pay the facility for cost of repair. Schools or organizations may utilize this option for the user of the device parents/students or employees to have the device repaired same day, in many cases. Local Repair Store, after you file a claim and it is approved, you will be authorized to have item repaired at any local repair shop of your choice such as Apple Genius Bar, manufacturer authorized repair facilities or any other local repair store in close proximity to your location. You may be required to pay the store directly and we will reimburse you electronically within 5 business days via PayPal, electronic payment via a bank or check. In certain cases, we can pay the store directly. This service is available for most electronics and appliances including smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, appliances, servers and certain large electronics. Schools or organizations may find this service particularly convenient when you purchase a large number of policies. Self-Repair, after you file a claim and it is approved, you can use one of the parts we provide in advance to repair the device or we will ship you a part so you may repair the device. For certain complicated repairs, you may choose to ship the device to our repair facility, we will pay for postage to ship the device to our repair facility and we will repair or replace it in 5 business days. Advance stock of repair parts is provided to customers that meet a minimum number of policy purchase requirements. We will even reimburse you up to $25 per repair. Next Business Day, after you file a claim and it is approved, you will receive an advanced replacement device, priority overnight, along with a pre-paid return label to ship the failed or broken device(s) to our repair facility. 2nd Business Day, after you file a claim and it is approved, you will receive an advanced replacement device, shipped for 2nd Business Day delivery, with a pre-paid return label to ship the failed or broken devices(s) to our repair facility.
You call us during normal business hours or you can open a support ticket and one of our claims specialists will resolve your issue ASAP.
You can email it to
Yes, you can call during normal business hours and our Claims team can assist you in filing a claim.
We are sorry you are having trouble filing a claim. Please call us at (832) 304-2015. If you have reached us outside of business hours leave us a brief message with your call back information. We will contact you as soon as we are open for business.
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