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A key fob is a nifty electronic device designed to control a vehicle’s keyless entry or starting system; sometimes referred to as a smartkey or intelli key. Within the plastic shell of the controller there is a tiny circuit board with a radio transmitter and control chip. When key fobs fail or become broken, they can cost a pretty penny to fix or replace depending on their capabilities. Replacing an intelli key or smartkey can cost around $250-$350, while regular key fobs cost anywhere from $50-$250. Get back on the road with a quick key fob fix from Securranty!
Auto insurance is only designed to pay claims for unexpected and sudden losses which can create a financial hardship for the party insured. A policy that includes comprehensive coverage may pay to replace your key fob, smart key, or intelli key if your vehicle was stolen and later recovered; however, comprehensive coverage will NOT pay to replace a broken or failing key fob due to mechanical malfunction or a manufacturer's error. With Securranty, you can turn the high price of replacing or repairing a key fob, into a manageable expense which will get you back on the road faster.
Yes, key fobs, smart keys and intelli keys can be repaired by trained technicians. Quite often, contact points inside the key fob can become "worn out" over time and with use. Securranty's repair techs are highly trained, and love saving our customers money - Keep your sanity and money where it belongs with a Securranty Key Fob Insurance plan!
You may buy our warranty online or through one of our authorized partners or resellers.
Yes you will need to provide information about your device such as serial, manufacturer and model. You can provide by logging into your account online after you have purchased the plan.